Set up WordPress on your own web server

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Now that you have your web server set up (after reading my previous how to - Set up your own web server I will show you how to get WordPress installed on your web serving mac. I will do this using almost entirely unix commands in the

To get started first open up the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/

Type the following commands into the terminal.

  1. Download WordPress cd ~/Downloads wget

  2. Unzip wordpress folder to web server root directory unzip -q -d ~/Sites

  3. Rename wordpress folder to “myWordPressSite” cd /Library/WebServer/Documents mv wordpress myWordPressSite

  4. Change group of “myWordPressSite” folder and all lower folders/files to localaccounts chgrp -R localaccounts myWordPressSite

  5. Change permissions of “myWordPressSite” folder and all lower folders/files chmod -R u+rw-x+X,g=rw-x+X,o= myWordPressSite

  6. Create a .htaccess file with the correct permissions touch .htaccess chgrp localaccounts .htaccess chmod 660 .htaccess

  7. Create a new mySQL database named myWordPressSite mysql -u root -p mysql> create database myWordPressSite;

  8. Create a new mySQL user named wordpress mysql> use mysql; mysql> insert into user (host,user,password) values('localhost','wordpress',password('somePassword'));

  9. Add previliges for new wordpress user mysql> grant all on myWordPressSite.* to 'wordpress'@'localhost'; mysql> flush privileges; mysql> exit;

  10. Set up wordpress by going to http://localhost/myWordPressSite in your web browser and fill out the following form in your browser Database Name: myWordPressSite User Name: wordpress Password: somePassword Database Host: localhost Table Prefix: wp_

  11. Install WordPress by hitting the button

  12. Copy index.php file to webserver root directory cp -a myWordPresSite/index.php .

  13. Edit new index.php file in your favorite text editor Edit the line from require('./wp-blog-header.php'); to require('./myWordPressSite/wp-blog-header.php');

  14. All done. Check out your WordPress site at: http://localhost

If want to install WordPress locally using MAMP here is a great tutorial on how to do that

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